Clutterbugs was established in May 2001 because I wanted to make sure that your unwanted items would be recycled properly and sent to organisations throughout WA.  What is not wanted here, is sent overseas.  Whether in Australia or overseas, these items DO NOT end up in landfill.  Stock that is sent overseas, goes to businesses who have asked for these particular items. Many family businesses benefit from this stock.

Clutterbugs is owned, operated and funded by myself.  It is NOT a charity, so I receive no government assistance, financial aid or sponsorship.  In order to cover the running costs associated with distributing such a large amount of stock, an average of over 78 tonne a year, some items are sold.

Most of my days are spent picking up the stock which has been kindly given, sorting it and distributing it to the appropriate centres.  I average 1.5 tonne a week coming in, and as you can imagine, it’s a massive job.  Schools, shops, businesses and organisations supply me with their excess clothing, uniforms and soft furnishings, however most of these items are collected from private homes.  Due to the overwhelming support from the Perth community, all my work is now through word-of-mouth with stock also coming in from country areas.

Thanks for working together with me,